Niklas Utterb├Ąck

Junior programmer


Ulv Screenshot 20180209 - 16272566pngUlv

You are Ulv, a viking with magic powers, who is on a personal quest to find the well of Mimer, a source of infinite knowledge. You arrive at your destination but find out a catholic church has been built on it. You must fight your way down through the many lower levels to reach the well.

03pngCloud Racer

You are a cloud racer and a corrupt loan shark has taken your friend as hostage until you pay him back. You have to win the Cloud Cup and save your friend.


You are Captain Michaels, an elite soldier during the first World War, and you have been teleported to an alternate dimension in hell. You have to fight your way through several demon infested arenas and defeat the great evil that brought you to this place.