Other games

Cream Bot

Genre: 2D Top-Down Hack-n-Slash

Finished: June 2017

You are a robot, a Little One, that has been born with a single mission, find the energy core stolen from your creator. You have to fight your way through several levels and defend yourself against waves of enemies.

Project details:
  • 8 weeks halftime
  • Written in C++
  • Levels created with Tiled
  • 4 programmers
  • 2 level designers
  • 3 artists
  • Enemy AI
    • Programmed and implemented enemy behavior, such as looking for player, aggro ranges, attack behavior and finding own start position after losing aggro
  • Player dash ability
    • Programmed and implemented the player dash ability and how it interacts with the environment and enemies
  • Player pickups
    • Programmed and implemented spawning of pickups, how pickups are drawn towards player within a certain radius, keeping track of pickups from level to level
  • Player upgrades
    • Was partially responsible of programming how player upgrades affect the player

Maximon's Curse

Genre: 2D platformer game

Finished: April 2017

You are Maximon, an involuntary volunteer, chosen to keep an ancient evil trapped inside a magic temple. He is about to awaken and you must hurry to seal him in again.

Project details:
  • 8 weeks halftime
  • Written in C++, extended with LUA scripts
  • Levels created in Tiled
  • Physics elements made with Box2D
  • 5 programmers
  • 2 level designers
  • 3 artists
  • Player's flinging mechanic
    • Programmed and implemented the fling ability
  • Jump and double jump
    • Programmed and implemented the player's jumping and double jumping abilities
  • Intro and outro cutscenes
    • Programmed and implemented the cutscenes
  • Lever interaction
    • Programmed and implemented activation of levers, connection to one or several doors, player gains new abilities during the game by pulling certain levers, start and exit of levels through using levers
  • Bullet spawner
    • Programmed and implemented how bullet spawners spanwed bullet, added function so level designers can set fire rate, bullet velocity etc for each individual bullet spawner
  • Bullet teleporter
    • Programmed and implemented bullet teleporter functionality


Genre: 2D Shoot-em-Up

Finished: March 2017

You are a Embla, a brave shield maiden, that has fallen in battle. Instead of settling to join the other warriors you want to be seated with the strongest. To prove yourself you have to defeat three powerful Norse gods.

Project details:

  • 8 weeks halftime
  • Written in C++, extended with JSON
  • 5 programmers
  • 2 level designers
  • 2 artists

  • Heimdall boss fight
    • Programmed and implemented entire fight such as enemy behavior, animation, movement, and attacks
  • Health and Power pickups
    • Programmed and implemented all pick ups and their functions, such as how bullets are fired, bullet patterns, and the spawning of health pickups and their function.
  • Shooting mechanic
    • Was partially responsible for the shooting mechanic, since it was related to how power ups would affect bullets
  • Menus
    • Programmed and implemented start and pause menus including button functions and interaction
  • Player death/respawn
    • Programmed and implemented player death and respawn. When the player dies he/she respawns at the beginning of the level
  • Intro/ending cutscene
    • Programmed and implemented both cutscenes.


Genre: 2D Point-n-Click
Finished: November 2016

You are Alena, a WW1 Russian fighter pilot, that gets shot down. You crash land on an island long abandoned by the military. It seems something terribly has gone wrong and you must solve this mystery before you can escape.

Project details:

  • 8 weeks halftime.
  • Written in LUA.
  • 5 programmers.
  • 2 level designers
  • 3 artists

  • Rotating puzzle piece Puzzle
    • Programmed and designed the jigsaw puzzle with rotating puzzle pieces
  • Shooting Function
    • Programmed and implemented the use of the rifle found later in the game. The rifle is used to solve a couple of puzzles later in the game.
  • Sound and music implementation
    • Implemented sound effects and music, how and when they are played
  • In-game navigation
    • Was part of implementing how to navigate through the different scenes
  • Start cutscene
    • Programmed intro cutscene complete with sounds and moving images